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Recent Mobile-Accepting Merchants Risk Detection

Merchants successfully deal with payment methods but have some problems in some key areas. Particularly, they have difficulty identifying overseas transactions, according to recent survey results by a risk management firm.

The survey was conducted online between April and June. More than 800 merchants in some 29 industries participated in the survey. The revenue generated by these merchants ranged from less than $5 million to more than $500 million.

5 years ago, over 55% of merchants accepting mobile payments couldn’t identify whether transactions originated from a mobile device. The number of these merchants has now decreased, reaching 14%. What is more, 28% of merchants accepting mobile payments merchants can’t identify whether a mobile transaction comes from abroad.

44% of the merchants having participated in the survey now support a mobile app for online shopping. The number is up from 21% when the study was first carried out in 2013. The number of merchants accepting mobile payments at the point of sale has increased from 15% to 29%.

It’s interesting to note that 61% consider Apple as the top “safe” mobile-payment technology brand. Next come Android and Blackberry (3.7% each), and Windows (1.4%). 30% answered “No brand.”

It’s critical for merchants interested in mobile high risk payments to turn to a reliable and secure payment processor like EMB is an award-winning processor and alternative online lender that specializes in the high risk industry and boasts an A+ rating with the BBB. In partnership with Verifi and Ethoca, EMB offers unmatched chargeback protection and prevention services and the lowest possible rates in the industry. EMB, the #1 high risk processor in the US, can help you fight fraud without any difficulty.

Only 8% of merchants today think that the mobile channel is much riskier as compared to traditional e-commerce. The number is down from 14% in 2016. Merchants trust mobile wallets. More merchants believe that fraud will decrease instead of increasing as the number of consumers adopting mobile wallets is growing.

For the first time, the survey revealed what merchants think about the payment systems and platforms associated with mobile risk. The survey found out that 60% of merchants believe “browser-based” mobile payments are at the greatest risk of fraud. Only 25% of merchants today say that the “mobile channel” is associated with higher risk than “web e-commerce.” About 40% of merchants mentioned that they have seen an increase in mobile channel fraud.