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Protecting Low Margin Sales from Costly Fraud Purchases

Melissa Rayner, business owner of Los Angeles County’s #1 rated office furniture showroom, Trader Boys, recognized the need for a reliable merchant services provider that could safeguard her business against fraudulent activities.

Given the nature of her industry, where large sales often come with slim profit margins, Melissa understood the vulnerability of her business to cybercriminals, especially since her establishment consistently generated six-figure sales receipts. To ensure the security of customer payments, she knew she had to prioritize secure payment processing.

The Harsh Reality

Melissa was aware that fraud could significantly impact her profit margins and the future of her merchant account. She realized that even a single fraudulent chargeback could potentially cripple her business. Consequently, she sought out a merchant account provider with sector-specific fraud solutions and extensive global expertise. Her ideal partner had to address all the challenges she faced, including international customers and sophisticated fraud attacks.

The Perfect Solution

Before partnering with (EMB), Melissa’s commercial office furniture dealership relied on a manual fraud screening process. However, after carefully analyzing six months’ worth of transaction data, she concluded that the existing screening process was inadequate. As a result, she decided to reach out to the experts at EMB.

Upon reviewing EMB’s chargeback mitigation tool, Melissa was impressed by its integration with Verifi, the Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network (CDRN), and Ethoca’s alert system. She was particularly drawn to this system because CDRN collaborated closely with card issuers and banks, enabling her business to directly resolve credit card transaction disputes.

This two-partner approach resonated with Melissa because of its efficiency in promptly notifying merchants about chargebacks. It allowed her to initiate the chargeback dispute process immediately, giving her ample time to determine the best course of action for a favorable resolution.

Leveraging EMB’s industry knowledge and insights into broader fraud trends, Melissa also received valuable recommendations for additional strategies to combat fraud effectively.

A central aspect of the new strategy involved prioritizing critical issues, such as thoroughly reviewing orders with mismatched shipping and credit card addresses, as well as scrutinizing customers attempting multiple purchases of the same item.

With EMB’s assistance, Trader Boys Office Furniture gained the ability to quickly and easily review crucial transaction trends. This enabled her to obtain valuable information necessary for implementing timely and effective policy changes to enhance her businesses fraud protection program.


In conclusion, Melissa’s partnership with EMB empowered Trader Boys Office Furniture to safeguard low-margin sales from costly fraud purchases. By embracing cutting-edge fraud prevention tools and adopting proactive strategies, Melissa fortified her business against potential threats while ensuring a secure and trustworthy environment for her valued customers.