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Prevent Counterfeit: Amazon’s Transparency & Project Zero

Amazon has recently launched Transparency in Europe, India, and Canada to prevent counterfeit at scale. Besides, the eCommerce giant has also introduced the so-called Project Zero after the launch of Transparency. This article will tell you about these services and help you with secure merchant services. So, let’s move forward.

Amazon Expands Transparency to Prevent Counterfeit
Amazon knows extremely well what fake reviews, counterfeit products, and scams mean. The eCommerce giant sees all these quite often and works on finding better ways to get rid of this problem.

The company has already announced its plans concerning the expansion of its service called Transparency. The latter is a product serialization service, which gained immense popularity during its 2 years’ of existence in the U.S. Now, Amazon is expanding this service to France, Germany, Italy, Spain, U.K., India, as well as to Canada.

Transparency is developed to add a T-shaped QR-like code to items for their serialization. This allows both Amazon and buyers to identify whether items are fake or not.

More particularly, when brands use Transparency for adding these unique codes to their products, the customers, businesses, as well as Amazon, and others involved in the supply chain get an opportunity to authenticate each product unit. As a result, both businesses and consumers enjoy better protection from counterfeit.

Unfortunately, counterfeiting is a major concern within both online and offline industries. Amazon is working on developing solutions that can help the company stop counterfeit most effectively. These efforts are based on the partnership among Amazon’s technological innovations and brands’ accumulated knowledge and capabilities.

So, Amazon is quite proactive about investing in tools like Transparency. This way, the eCommerce giant can help consumers become more confident about buying goods on its marketplace and also stay away from fake products.

In fact, blocking counterfeits from the source has never been an easy task. This is something all business owners are faced with through almost all channels around the globe. Now, thanks to Transparency, businesses and consumers are able to avoid counterfeit problems and get better protection for products.

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Amazon Launches Project Zero
Amazon invests hundreds of millions of dollars on a yearly basis in the creation of better solutions and growing more knowledgeable personnel to become more trustworthy for both customers and sellers. Project Zero is one of the steps taken in this regard.

Amazon is going to expand its program called Project Zero to European countries with the purpose of preventing counterfeits on its platforms in a more powerful way. The launch came after mazonmazonthemazon recent announcement concerning Transparency system’s move to Europe and not only.

This way, Amazon is taking action to address the issue of inauthentic products. The eCommerce giant well understands that the actions of those selling counterfeit and pirated items cause harm to its business.

Specifically, Amazon’s Project Zero is becoming available in France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the U.K. Thus, more brands are empowered to partner with the tech giant to put an end to counterfeits.

Project Zero uses the following 3 tools – automated protections, self-service counterfeit removal, and product serialization. These make it possible for brands and Amazon to enjoy better partnership aimed at driving counterfeits to zero.

To sum up, Amazon is expanding its services aimed at eliminating counterfeit. Thanks to the expansion of Transparency and the launch of Project Zero, detecting and preventing sales of fake products becomes simpler and more realistic.