Payment Processing Solutions for Fortune Tellers and Psychics from EMB

Mar 10, 2015

Fortune tellers staring deeply into crystal balls were a staple of infomercials in the late 90s on TV. But, who would’ve predicted then that the future home of fortune telling was online? Perhaps not as famous, or infamous, as the Miss Cleo approach to en masse fortune telling, online fortune tellers certainly have found a niche in among the “high risk” industries.

Fortune tellers online and fortune teller games are popular ways to distract and daydream about the future for the bored office worker. Speculating on a better future remains pinned in the back of every cubicle worker’s mind. Merchants who are creating these fortune teller games, be they horoscopes, tarot, or even psychics are secure in the niche of optimistic conjecture.

But, finding a fortune teller merchant account to process digital transactions is another story. One prediction remains assured: banks will not open merchant accounts for fortune tellers online. Simply put, they’re too high risk for the bank’s palate.

High numbers of chargebacks, the danger of lawsuits (as best represented again by Miss Cleo), and the narrow margin of success and sustainability for these businesses keep banks away. Yet, EMB is more than willing to set up a high risk merchant account with their patented simple, fast, and effective approach to merchant accounts.

In as little as 48 hours EMB can set a merchant up with a merchant account so they can begin accepting credit card payments. The application process is easy and comes with no extra fees. VISA and MasterCard are not required and EMB’s superior customer support will answer any questions or concerns there may be. received an ‘A’ rating from the Better Business Bureau and is the four-time consecutive #1 processor of Merchants looking for a history of success to partner their business with need to look no further.

If you or a merchant you know is trying to find the right merchant account provider in a crystal ball, EMB is the correct forecast. No premonitions are needed to see the track record of success as the nation’s leader in high risk payment processing solutions. Put the team at EMB to work setting up a specially crafted and tailored merchant account for any online fortune teller today.

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