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Our New Agent Program

An Exclusive Opportunity to Become an EMB Agent

At EMB we’ve been working toward a simple goal: create the best experience for our merchants, our staff, and our agents. As we’ve grown, we’ve maintained this core value, and everything we’ve done, from building a custom CRM that works effectively for the financial technology industry, to expanding our network globally, has been done in alignment with this value.

As we pass another major milestone and move into 2018, we’re nearly ready to lift the curtain on what we’ve been working on for the past several months, and what we’ve been working toward for the past several years. While we’ll always be innovating and creating technology that improves our business and enriches our industry, this next step forward is going to push us toward an even more prosperous and fulfilling future, and it’s the biggest thing we’ve ever done.

As a result of this new endeavor, we’re reaching out to a small group of agents, to align ourselves with true ambassadors who want to work closely with us and who want to provide their merchants with the best tools possible; giving them the opportunity, and the platform, to push their businesses forward.

Join the EMB Family, and not only will you have access to this exciting new development early, but you’ll be on board with a team that has proven, time and again, we have what it takes to succeed and push the boundaries of technology, and payments.