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New Mobile POS Products Benefit ISO Agent Programs

Part of being a top ISO agent program is staying on the cutting edge of new technology. A tech-savvy agent can get a merchant what they want before they’re even aware the product exists. Two upcoming POS apps for both Android and iOS are riding the mobile tablet/iPad wave of tech development. Even better for ISO agent programs, both of the new products are built to facilitate agents.

Up Tab, United Merchant Services, Inc.

The new Up Tab is an Android tablet service targeted primarily at restaurants. United Merchant Services, Inc. developed this new POS product in-house. It includes features such as being able to manage table seating and take-out orders. Merchants utilizing the Up Tab must sign a three-year contract with United Merchant Services, Inc. for their credit and debit payment processing.

A standard Up Tab unit includes a tablet, stand, printer, card reader, and cash drawer. Stations are recommended to begin at a $695 retail price and $495 for subsequent stations. However, ISO agents can receive one station free. In addition to the restaurant unit, Up Tab will also feature a version targeting salons. The Up Tab is expected to be ready for retail during the 4th quarter.

Sales Center iPad, Harbortouch

Harbortouch has updated its POS Sales Center iPad app with new features. These features are specifically designed for ISO agent programs with facilitating merchant application processes in mind. The new features will enable the completion of an entire merchant application through the app. This eliminates the agent from having to work across multiple mediums to fulfill a new client’s application request.

The second new feature from Harbortouch is the ability for sales agents to simultaneously prepare proposals and merchant applications without being forced to laboriously copy redundant information back and forth from the application to the proposal and vice versa. This centralized and user-friendly feature will remove a lot of the paper-pushing pains for ISO agent programs processing client applications.

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