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Merchants, You Need Credit Card Chargeback Insurance

Credit card chargebacks are horrendous for any business; however, they have an extra impact on high-risk businesses. Many merchant account providers will nix a high-risk business that entails too many chargebacks, due to their overwhelming cost. All merchants, especially high-risk merchants, need to invest in chargeback insurance. A chargeback insurance provider can be hard to find, however, we at EMB are here to help you.

EMB, or, offers many services geared toward high risk merchants, including chargeback insurance. We are one of the top chargeback insurance providers in the United States. What makes us different is that we know how high-risk businesses work. We know that you are often facing multiple chargebacks at one time, and we will not punish you for it. Also, with EMB you can use our chargeback insurance without having a merchant account with us.

By partnering with Verifi and powered by CDRN, EMB is offering your business yet another service that outclasses the competition. Eliminate the expensive costs that chargebacks represent for your business and reduce your bottom line with our newest service. The CDRN reduces the frequency of chargebacks by 15-30%, a percentage that represents a significant amount of your business’ revenue.  Chargeback insurance will rip out the middlemen and reinsert you, the merchant, back into the loop regarding disputes and their resolution. Chargeback insurance represents just another service that epitomizes eMerchantBroker’s reputation as a top merchant processing service provider.

Electronic payment processing opens the door for merchants to reach markets worldwide, but they also come with drawbacks, especially for high-risk merchants. One of the greater threats to your business’s bottom line is chargebacks. eMerchantBroker has partnered with Verifi and Verifi’s new Cardholder Dispute Resolution Network (CDRN) as well as Ethoca and its alert system. By networking with both banks and card issuers, the CDRN is giving merchants something they have been lacking until now; direct control over resolving credit transaction disputes before they become one. By offering our merchants both chargeback resolution networks, they can achieve the highest rate of chargeback resolution.

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