Merchant’s Reliance upon Payment Apps Security Concerns in the e-Cig Merchant Account Industry

Oct 16, 2014
pcidssWhile payment apps are becoming more popular amongst e-cig merchants, there are many security concerns. In the day of mass hackings, apps are targeted just as frequently, if not more frequently, than other forms of payment systems. While it may not be reported as often, payment apps lack the advanced security features that plastic card terminals can provide.

The vast majority of e-cig merchants have plastic card terminals for plastic card (i.e., debit and credit card) payments. While it may seem easier to carry around your iPad or iPhone to use as a app-based terminal, your phone is more likely to be hacked through the app, which not only harms your customers information, but also other sensitive information you may have stored on your phone or tablet. Many e-cig merchants may be going toward an app-based payment system, due to the low overhead, low rates, and the fact that they do not discriminate against e-cig merchants. Many mainstream merchant account processors do not deal with these companies, due to the fact that they have a higher risk of incurring fraudulent activity. Add this increased risk with the risk of app-based payment processing hackings, and you have a major problem on your hands. You need a merchant account processor that specializes in e-cig merchant accounts. You need EMB.

At, know that e-cig businesses are lucrative, yet new. Many are still coming onto the trend, and many are not sure if it will survive. Regardless of its newness, we will protect your company, your information, and your customers’ information with our security systems. Our systems are top-notch, which is an absolute must in the age of hackings. While we may not be able to stop 100% of hackings, we have already implemented the terminal change to accept chip and PIN cards in addition to traditional plastic payment cards.

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