Merchants: Do You Know What Your Merchant Account Does?

Dec 29, 2014

All merchants know that they need a merchant account. However, many do not know if they need a high risk merchant account or a mainstream merchant account. While many companies can use a mainstream merchant account, there are industries that must employ a high risk merchant account processor.

So, what is a high risk merchant account? Well, one of the things that sets apart high risk merchant account providers, such as, is that they accept industries that others do not. These industries range from e-cig vendors to adult dating website merchants to car dealerships. Average, everyday businesses fall into this category, but they are often frowned upon in the financial world. This is because these businesses have a higher risk of incurring fraudulent activity, as compare to mainstream companies.

Now, a high risk company can employ a mainstream merchant account provider at times. However, more than likely a mainstream merchant account will drop a high risk company when they incur a fraudulent charge. A high risk merchant account provider does not act this hastily, which is one of the reasons that you need to make sure that you are employing one for your business. You need the services of a provider, such as, to help keep your merchant account safe. is one of the top-rated high risk merchant account processors in the United States. While others refuse to work with high risk companies, we embrace them. Others charge higher processing fees, just because a company is labeled as “high risk”.  At, we charge industry-standard rates, regardless of the type of business. We also provide a chargeback suite, which helps guard your company against chargebacks when a fraudulent charge happens. Chargebacks are upwards of 270% of the original transaction price, and this can cripple even the most successful company. Whether you are an existing merchant, or a new merchant, your high risk accounts are always welcomed at

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