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Merchant Cash Advance for Automotive & High Ticket

Get a merchant cash advance for your auto repair shop or auto body shop from We specialize in helping merchants with high average tickets, get approved for a credit card processing advance, or merchant cash advance.

We also advance small business owners based on their total gross sales, not just their credit card sales. So if your business does more cash sales than credit card transactions you can still get the money you need.

Many business owners find that they can’t get enough money from a merchant cash advance program. However at eMerchantBroker we look at all deposits including cash, check, and credit card sales therefore you can get much higher amounts from our funding programs.

Most merchant cash advance companies will decline business owners with high average tickets. A traditional advance company wants to see 40+ transactions per month. For an automotive related business such as auto repair or auto body they may only see 7-10 customers in a month.

We have no transaction limits or restrictions for our programs. We have a variety of solutions to fit the needs of any business owner in any credit situation. We even advance business owners with tax liens!

To get started click on the icon below or call 1-800-621-4893