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Merchant Accounts For Nutraceuticals offers electronic payment processing services to nutraceutical companies. Because of the lack of governmental regulation and health risks associated with the nutraceutical industry, nutraceutical companies are considered high risk by banks. eMerchantBroker is experienced at helping high risk companies such as nutraceutical companies set up credit card payment processing systems.

We understand the specific risks that are associated with selling nutraceuticals, but as long as the chargeback rate stays below 3%, we can continue to support your merchant account.

We can have your nutraceutical company approved for a merchant account in as little as 48 hours. With our vast amount of secure payment options that work with almost any shopping cart, you are sure to find electronic payment processing to fit your needs. Our application processing is fast and efficient so we can get your nutraceutical merchant account up and running as soon as possible. account benefits include:

>> Highly Competitive Rates
>> No Required Visa/MC Registration
>> Zero Application Fee
>> Secure Payment Gateway Included