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Merchant Accounts for Law Firms – Lawyers – Legal Services

Merchant accounts for law firms are becoming increasingly important in the information age. Attorneys have long been accustomed to using checks as a predominant means of conducting financial transactions. But the 21st century with its preference for credit and debit cards means that law firms need the flexibility to accept more modern forms of payment. Not only should a law firm be able to accept cash or checks, they should have the capability of handling payment from the internet, by phone and mail or even fax.

Why Do Law Firms Need Special Merchant Accounts?

Law firms have unique needs compared to more retail oriented merchants. The client-attorney relationship is at the heart of each financial transaction; therefore, a law firm needs the capability of separating client payments into trust and operating accounts as needed. Also, law firms should pay card processing fees from their operating account apart from trust accounts with clients. An attorney should never be concerned with commingling accounts containing client funds with those used for operation expenses. And if a client wins a chargeback (see below) from an attorney then the fee is deducted only from the law firm’s operating account.

Getting a Merchant Account for Attorneys

Law firms are fortunate in the fact that they are considered low risk businesses for credit card transactions. Chargebacks from clients’ credit cards are rare; hence, most law firms receive a very favorable rate for processing transactions. Attorneys need the latitude of accepting payment from clients both in person and remotely. eMerchant Brokers can tailor a payment processing structure that can utilize a variety of payment platforms.  By examining the individualized needs of a particular firm, eMerchant Brokers can then find the provider that will best serve their client.


With a staff of merchant advisers who have been thoroughly vetted by extensive training and certification, ensures that a law firm will receive the payment processor that meets their individual requirements – and at a rate that will reflect the low risk involved. Also, attorneys soon discover that the improvements in billing, collections and cash flow more than offset the cost of transactions. Of course, should the attorney wish, he or she can always provide a “cash discount” to clients who choose to pay in cash or by check. offers a ‘100% Worry Free Guarantee’ – should there be any fault found with the initial processor, eMerchant will find a new provider within their network without charging any cancellation fees. is an ‘Accredited Business’ with an ‘A” rating from the Better Business Bureau.

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