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Merchant Accounts For Calling Cards

eMerchantBroker provides calling card electronic payment processing services. We can help your calling card company get launched and easily. We are a high risk credit card processing provider, providing credit card payment processing to higher risk businesses. While many business owners are surprised that calling card companies are considered higher risk, traditional merchant service providers usually characterize calling card companies in that manner because of the higher percentage of chargebacks.

We understand the calling card business at We know there will be disputes and chargebacks, but we are willing to help clients manage accounts and chargebacks. We will continue to process your calling card business’ payments as long as the chargeback rate is below 3%.

We can approve your calling card company for a merchant account in as little as 48 hours. Our variety of secure payment gateways work with almost every shopping cart on the market. Our application process is quick and easy so that you can start processing payments electronically quickly. Advantages to our program include:

>>Secure Payment Gateway Included

>>Competitive Rates

>>No Visa/MC Registration Required

>>No Application Fees