Merchant Account Solutions for Membership Sites

Let’s say you run a membership website that wants to accept money for dues or merchandise. As webmaster, you must decide how you will accept money.If you plan on accepting credit cards online, you are obliged to open a merchant account for your membership site. The idea may seem daunting to those who have little experience in dealing with debit and credit card payment processing but the reality is that the process is straightforward and relatively simple with the right guidance.

Why You Should Get a Merchant Account

You’re racking up sufficient sales and moving enough products to vindicate the decision to apply for one. You know that having your own merchant account will significantly lower your cost of sales. Yet the process seems intimidating; you may feel that a bank will scrutinize your motives and your balance sheet. The good news: you don’t have to deal with a bank if you’re seeking to open a merchant account. Consider utilizing the services of an internet merchant account provider such as eMerchant Broker. Their business is to rate-shop among the various options available to assist you in making the best decision for your internet business.

What Is a “Payment Gateway” and Why Is It Important?

Akin to a physical point of sale terminal that one would find in a retail outlet, a payment gateway is an ecommerce application service provider that serves to authorize payments for online merchants. It enables the transfer of data between a website and the card processor. To speed the process of opening your merchant account you need:

  • A fully functional website that is almost totally complete. (Not “This page under construction” notices.)
  • Contact info such as a mailing address and phone number posted on the website.
  • A posted guarantee policy or notice that there is not one.
  • The most important feature of a payment gateway is “shopping cart compatibility.” Ensure that you have a list of payment gateways that are compatible with your shopping cart provider.

Why Choose for Your Internet Business? is the number one Internet merchant account provider for online businesses. With our comprehensive network of banks and processors specializing in internet merchant accounts, we can facilitate the set-up process and find you the best rate for your e-commerce transactions and online virtual terminals. You’re busy trying to grow your ebusiness; partner with eMerchantBroker and let us handle the details of online payment processing. Our integration specialists will see that your account setup and shopping cart compatibility works to best serve your needs. For further peace of mind we provide our customers  the 100% Worry Free Guarantee – should you be dissatisfied with the initial credit card processor we set you up with, you can change to a new provider in our network without you paying a cancellation fee. To learn more about their internet merchant account services, click on the icon below.

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