Merchant Account for Your Extended Warranty Service

Mar 09, 2015

Having a business in the automotive extended warranty business is not easy. A business involved in extended car warranties has many difficult obstacles to overcome in order to operate successfully. One of which is the issue of obtaining a safe payment processing solution.

These businesses operate with an above average chargeback ratio, making the business “high risk” in the eyes of most traditional financial institutions. The high level of customer disputes is also a problem, especially for low risk merchant service providers. They will more than likely shy away from you. In addition, high tickets and irregular expenses also prove to be a big challenge.

Are you struggling to find a payment processing provider? Have you encountered some if not all of these obstacles in trying to apply for a merchant account? Fortunately, there are still options out there for you. It is possible to find a provider that is willing to offer their services to “high risk” clients. offers high risk solutions for high risk merchants. They have not only been named #1 in the business, but they also promise 100% secure solutions. If you are unsure and have had bad luck with providers in the past, you can rest easy knowing that EMB has an “A” rating from the BBB.

They offer a unique set of solutions to extended warranty companies in need of such services. With their extended warranty merchant account, your business can stay viable for years to come. They can offer you new technology and exceptional customer service as well as effective tools like Chargeback Shield and Fraud Prevention.

With, there are no application fees and no VISA/MasterCard registration is required. You can also expect to have competitive rates and multiple secure payment gateways. The process is simple, fast and hassle-free. After your application has been received and approved, your account can be set up in just three days.

Don’t let another day of uncertainty pass you by. can help you set up a cost-effective merchant account provider that specifically meets your needs. It will not only help you manage volume, but it will also help you manage your transaction costs. Take advantage of the easy application process and move one step closer to starting the business of your dreams!

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