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Once upon a time cash was the medium of payment for goods and services bought; however in the modern world, credit and debit cards are the preferred choice for payment. Thus a merchant account is absolutely necessary for not only face-to-face sales but for those via phone or internet. Merchant accounts for payday loans companies are vital – but often hard to obtain.

Why Do Some Businesses Have Difficulty in Opening Merchant Accounts?

The biggest risk to credit card processors is the chargeback fee. Note that this is NOT a refund. Under the regulations established by MasterCard, Visa and Discover, a merchant’s processor is 100% responsible for all merchant transactions. Should the merchant conduct business illegally or with high risk customers who may generate chargebacks, the processor is potentially liable to millions of dollars in losses. Businesses who deal with high risk customers include so-called “adult” oriented products and entertainment, ecigarette providers, firearm merchants, online pharmacies – and payday loan brokers.

It’s not easy finding an equitable and trustworthy merchant account solution for brokers who deal with payday loans. Since payday loans are assumed to be high risk, many providers such as large banks will only offer their services under unfavorable terms and fees to cover the perceived risk of processing payments for a payday loan merchant account. But in order to do business in today’s market, a legitimate player must have the capability of accepting payments from check writers and debit and credit cardholders – and at an acceptable transaction rate.

Getting a Merchant Account for Payday Loan Brokers

The ideal option for the payday loan broker is to choose a merchant account provider that specializes in providing an Automated Clearing House (ACH) for high risk credit card holders and Check Clearing for the 21st Century (Check 21) for check writers. They should be able to tap into other means of capturing revenue such as Point of Sales (POS) solutions and web payment processing. eMerchant Broker can find the right payment processor – with dozens of providers within their network, their merchant advisors will find the provider that best suits the unique needs and challenges of the payday loan broker.

Why eMerchant Broker?

Utilizing a veteran staff of merchant advisers who have received thorough training and certification, eMerchant Broker will compare rates and offers from the leading credit card processing companies to tailor a solution that best suits the payday loan broker’s needs. eMerchant Broker’s  decades of combined experience in high risk merchant services ensures that their clients will have accounts set up properly to begin processing transactions quickly and smoothly. In fact, eMerchant Broker is so confident in their abilities to best serve payday loan payment processing needs that they offer the ‘100% Worry Free Guarantee.’ If you’re dissatisfied with the initial provider, eMerchant Broker will find a new provider within their network and they won’t charge a cancellation fee. They’re also an ‘Accredited Business’ with an “A” rating from the Better Business Bureau.

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