How Adult Websites Are Using Merchant Accounts to Accept Bitcoin Payments

Aug 21, 2017

Adult brands are usually among the first to adopt innovations, which is evidenced by the quick acceptance of virtual reality, 3D video, haptic technology and even the internet. Now that blockchain and cryptocurrencies have exploded in recent years, it’s not surprising that the adult industry has already jumped on the wagon.

Bitcoin, the most common cryptocurrency, is now supported by a growing list of adult content platforms, thanks in huge part to the emergence of high-risk merchant account providers, whose services include Bitcoin payment gateways.

The Porn industry is embracing cryptocurrency.

Currently, many porn sites accept Bitcoin for payments, including some big names like Xhamster,, and Naughty America. When Xhamster adopted cryptocurrency in 2014, Capo, the site’s Project Manager, highlighted the anonymity of bitcoin as a primary motivation for taking the step. “Bitcoin helps to avoid the awkward moments when the credit card statement arrives, and your spouse starts asking questions,” he said.

Smaller “Camgirl” websites like Live Jasmin and Flirt 4 Free have also opened up to cryptocurrency. ‘Bitcoin only’ adult sites also exist, such as Girls Gone Bitcoin and Strip 4 Bit.

Another adult website, Bacchusent Entertainment offers high-quality content at a discount for members who pay with Bitcoin. Dennis and Saffron Bacchus credit Bitcoin to helping customers remain anonymous while allowing the company to avoid financial hurdles issued by credit card companies.

Playboy Plus, the official website for the infamous adult magazine company, accepts Bitcoin as well. Users can purchase all the three membership plans utilizing the digital currency.

Bitcoin merchant accounts for adult websites

Similar to credit card processing, an adult site needs a dedicated payment processor to accept bitcoins from its subscribers. An adult merchant account from a high-risk specialist will typically have a variety of processing solutions, including card, eCheck, and Bitcoin.

Because of the high level of risk associated with the adult industry, particularly due to government restrictions and societal discrimination, adult payment processors aren’t that easy to find. The number is even smaller when you filter out the ones that support Bitcoin processing.

To accept Bitcoin, tapped BitPay, the Atlanta-based payment service provider. However, BitPay’s terms became a problem, as they specifically excluded businesses involved in adult entertainment. While the processing giant has loosened its stance, it still remains a challenge for small-time sites and merchants to acquire Bitcoin processing services.

Nevertheless, the advantages offered by digital currencies, such as pseudo-anonymity, low transaction fees, and inability to chargeback transactions, cannot be ignored. While there’s no telling what kind of impact this will have on Bitcoin, its acceptance in the adult industry could help cement its position as a widely accepted mode of payment.

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