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Make Your E-Commerce Mobile App Stand Out

Consumers are becoming more and more comfortable using mobile apps to shop. In fact, mobile comprises 59% of all e-commerce transactions worldwide, and that percentage is expected to grow further over the next few years. If you haven’t spent much time optimizing your business’ mobile app, consider the following list of essential features you should include:

1.      Easy Registration Process – In our world today, everything is expected to be fast and easy. If your registration process is too long, you risk losing customers. Make sure that your registration process is simple and easy, so you can avoid the risk of customers losing interest.

2.      Simple Navigation – When you build your e-commerce mobile app, you must consider both the content and screen size. Because of the limited space, it won’t take much for the content to appear overwhelming and cluttered on the device. So, make sure the layout is as simple and uncluttered as possible.

3.      Synchronization – Making changes to your website and then having to switch over to your app takes up a lot of valuable time. The ability to synchronize your app with your website is priceless. You can focus on other important tasks, like adding other key features to your ecommerce mobile app.

4.      Push Notifications – Incorporating push notifications is important for the success of an ecommerce mobile app. Using push notifications to tell users about special discounts, offers and promotions will enhance customer engagement. Thus, helping to boost your business’ sales and increase profits.

5.      Custom Branding – Make sure you also consider creating an ecommerce app that has your brand logo and specific color combinations that reflect your brand. Custom branding will also allow you to add other great features, like: product listing, unique checkout, add products to carts, etc.

6.      Social Media Integration – One of the most important features to add is social media integration. Integrating social media provides users easy login and registration and the ability to share your app’s offers. It also helps users quickly retrieve their username/password or remind them which social network they used when they initially set up your app.

7.      Feedback System – It is critical to have an easy-to-find way for your customers to provide feedback. They should be able to quickly review and rate your app and its features. It should also be easy or them to report bugs and provide suggestions and criticisms. Customers like to know that their concerns and feedback are noted and appreciated.

8.      Google Analytics – It is imperative that your business be able to track and identify users’ experiences and actions. To do this, you will need to incorporate analytics into your mobile app. The data your retrieve will help you understand what users are more attracted to, what they are buying more of and why.

9.      Offline Capabilities – A mobile app’s offline capabilities is something that is often overlooked. You want to avoid the frustrating experience for users in which the app is entirely unusable because the signal is too weak. Consider some content or interactivity you can build into the app that does not require a wireless signal.

10.  Wish List Button – Another feature that is often overlooked is the wish list button. If you haven’t incorporated this feature yet, you are losing out on revenue. Why? It is how users can bookmark items they wish to come back and buy later. This feature will also allow you to notify those users if there is an offer on that same product.

11.  Easy Checkout Process – The checkout process must be easy. The order should be able to be completed with minimum required information to ensure the process is simple and hassle-free. A fast checkout process will also enable more sales.

12.  Multiple Payment Options – Customers today expect options. Giving multiple payment options to customers to choose from at the time of checkout will make sure their experience is a positive one. These options need to be safe, secure, common and hassle-free.

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