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Make More Sales With Strong E-Commerce Product Descriptions

When describing products, you need to use language that entices customers to buy. That’s why the way you craft e-commerce product descriptions matter. If they merely explain items, but do not trigger customers to buy, then you need to start re-writing.

Before you put fingers to keys, check out these ways to persuade visitors with e-commerce product descriptions that sell.

Know Your Buyers

When you do not know who your buyers, your product descriptions get watered down. They become way too generic, and you end up engaging no one. The best e-commerce product descriptions will reach a buyer at a personal level. Use “you” in the description, so the shopper knows you’re speaking directly to them. What type of words do your best shoppers appreciate? Do they like humor? Are they more interested in storytelling? Whatever it is, know it, and write content that addresses it.

Lure Them in with Benefits

The features and specifications are what sets products apart from competitors’ items. So, your copy need to emphasize the best parts about them. Highlight the benefits by showing their value. A pen becomes something more than a writing instrument when it is comfortable hold, still writes no matter your angle, and other interesting tidbits. If your product solves a problem, helps you save time, or provides convenience, then this is your sweet spot. These details set your products apart from the rest.

Stop With Descriptions That Provide No Value

Telling everyone that your product is “world-class” or “high quality offers no value to shoppers. These words give you no better idea about what the product offers or can do for you. In fact, what these phrases do is make your products sound mediocre. It would be much more useful if you say something, like, this product is made with “hand-carved glass pieces that are used to invoke nostalgia.” When you get into details and use colorful language, then you are hooking shoppers. Expressing the features and their values does more to persuade visitors to make a purchase, then just showing them a list of specifications. And, remember, the more explicit you are, the better.

Use Superlatives Sparingly

Again, this is all about value. Unless your product is the first of its kind, avoid using terms, like “most advanced.” Shoppers see through it, and does nothing to engage them and move on to actually making a purchase.

Make Visitors Start Using Their Imaginations

As an online seller, you lose a little bit of the purchase desire people get when they are able to touch, see, and feel items they want to buy. To lure them, post photos and videos that entice them. These images should give shoppers tastes of what it’s like to own your products. Let them envision how smooth your lotion can make your skin or how your CBD oil can help them relax. It will grab their attention, and moving your product to their shopping carts.

Keep Descriptions Simple and Easily Digestible

E-commerce product descriptions are not lengthy summaries. They are short, quick blips that pack a punch with a sentence or two. Do this by writing short, attention-grabbing headlines. List items in easy-to-read bulleted lists, and make it more readable by adjusting the size and font of the copy.

The Final Say on Writing Compelling Descriptions

Now that you have these strategies, write e-commerce product descriptions that tell stories, reveal the best details, and show their value. Don’t forget to write with enthusiasm. Shoppers won’t be able to help feeling the same way.

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