Keep Your Billing And Invoicing With Recurring Credit Card Processing Simple

Jun 07, 2017

According to the 2016 US Consumer Payment Study by a US credit card processor, merchant acquirer and bank credit card issuer, 23% of credit card users and 33% of debit card users choose to pay with recurring billing.

Recurring Billing

Recurring bills play an important role in of our lives. This refers to both business and personal finances. Consumers are used to paying every month for their phone service, rent/mortgage, internet, television, and utilities. Often these recurring bills enable consumers to set up automatic payments, which is made possible by recurring billing technology.

Regardless of the industry you are in, (EMB), a reputable payment processor, offers recurring billing services to make your transaction processes streamlined, save you time and make your business more protected. EMB is voted the #1 high risk payment processor in the US and boasts an A+ rating with the BBB. With EMB, you can open a low-cost and reliable recurring billing merchant account to grow your business.

Thanks to a recurring billing system, you can enjoy increased efficiency and reduced late payments. It customizes your billing schedule and email receipts directly to your customers. Finally, a recurring billing system provides easy, secure online account access and management for your customers with a PCI-compliant solution.

Recurring Credit Card Payments

Recurring credit card processing offers a number of benefits. Customers find automated recurring credit card payments convenient. Moreover, these payments offer advantages to merchants as well. Thanks to electronic billing, the payment process becomes simplified, cash flow increases and costs get reduced.

Recurring credit card payments offers advantages to both utility companies and lawn care companies, property managers and magazine publishers. Customers get an opportunity to set up a schedule to automate their payments, including monthly recurring payments. As a result, they are never late to make payments. No more late payments or lost checks. You start enjoying affordable printing and invoicing.

Simplified Payment Process

Thanks to recurring billing solutions offered by EMB, you can enjoy automated billing procedures for a simpler payment process and steady cash flow. Customers are given an opportunity to make edits to update payment methods and amounts according to their budget needs. These solutions allow for automatic debiting of customer accounts for faster payments on time, whenever required.

EMB provides merchants with comprehensive fraud prevention and 24/7 customer support. Turn to EMB for efficient, secure and cost-effective billing solutions. EMB is rated A by Card Payment Options and is named one of Inc. 500’s Fastest Growing Companies of 2016.