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iCheck and Check Processing Services for Lawyers

The legal and medical professions often find themselves in the forefront of many technological and financial evolution’s. The ability to adapt and constantly upgrade processes is a necessity for any modern doctor’s office or lawyer’s office. Yet many lawyer’s offices still haven’t utilized the most modern payment processes that give clients the ability to make payment using mobile technology or online technology.

Why do so many law firms still exclusively process paper checks when technologies like mobile payments have become mundane in other less timely professions? A recent IDC report predicts that by 2017, 1.5 billion smartphones will be active across the world, and about $90 billion will be exchanged using mobile payment processes.

Lawyers  must consider this trend in their daily interactions before their clients leave them behind. Soon whether or not a law office has fast and convenient payment solutions could give the progressive office a competitive advantage. As a result, many law offices have turned to merchant service providers like eMerchantBroker (EMB) for check processing for lawyers.

EMB has developed a reputation as the best high risk provider. That’s because we provide innovative payment processing solutions like iCheck. iCheck allows for faster funding on a variety of checks like travelers, personal checks, business, money orders, government, cashier’s certified. Thanks to iCheck, these payment methods don’t even require consumers to be present at the time of the transaction.

iCheck comes with many convenient and time saving features that clients appreciate and will come to expect like:

  • Convenient application feature users that enable consumers to take photos of checks for payment
  • The ability for law firms to add pay now buttons to their websites, and email invoicing to speed up payments.
  • The check-by-phone service also allows merchants to process checks over the phone. EMB also offers paper guarantee; this means a law firm will still have the ability to accept and process paper checks without any risks.

EMB is a leader in online check processing for lawyers. Don’t miss out on this profitable payment processing method.