How to Get a Merchant Account with Bad Credit

You’d be surprised at how many Americans have bad credit today. Unfortunately it only takes a few months to get bad credit, and often years to re-establish good credit. Having bad credit as a business owner can cause even more problems. Establishing lines of credit, leasing offices and even accepting payments from your customers can be difficult. Trouble accepting payments? That’s right, if you want to accept credit cards from your customers, you must pass certain credit requirements. Many credit card processing companies will not approve your application if you have bad credit, especially if you have bankruptcies, charge offs or judgements.

Getting a Merchant Account with Bad Credit

If your business needs a merchant account and you have been declined from other processors, the best thing to do is contact a high risk merchant account provider like A high risk credit card processing company looks at more than just credit when reviewing a merchant account application. They will review your business model, previous processing history and other factors that can affect merchant account performance.

Credit card processing is an essential part of your business, so getting a merchant account, regardless of personal credit is very important. Using a high risk brokerage such as can save you time, money and frustration. eMerchantBroker can help you cut through the countless merchant service ads, applications and offers, and provide solutions that will approve you, regardless of credit.

>> FICO scores below 500 OK
>> Bankruptcy OK
>> Judgements OK
>> Fast Approvals
>> NO Set Up Fess

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