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How the voice of the nation is getting heard for the high risk processing world

The merchant account processors heard the cry of merchants all across the nation. As banks closed their trust in the very people that pulled them up by the bootstraps, servicers all over opened their doors. Flooded by requests, they have strived and grown to the very detriment of the banking industry. Here’s hoping the dust from the boots of customers causes tears in their eyes.

Merchant account services have divided their process into many areas. You can be an e-commerce merchant account or a bad debt merchant account. How about high-risk processing and all the accounts that go with them? You can be a pharmacy, an adult dating website, a credit repair site, a theatre, or even an airline. If you have the business, they have an account for you. Even the marijuana merchants come to the merchant account servicers they can find in the high-risk arena.

Why wouldn’t they?

The banks were overpriced and they were under care. This means the human element went out of them during the horse and buggy days. Trailing behind them came the merchant account servicers to pick people up, and brush them off. Their customer service has grown to ultimate levels and they show how they can help and protect you.


Working closely with your merchant account servicer you can be protected from fraud and fraudulent activities by not-so-honest card holders. Whether they are trying to get something for nothing or from someone that isn’t the cardholder. The servicer will keep you protected. You have the option of merchant account insurance. Most have it included in their packages involved with fraud protection.

They encrypt their data and they give you a Virtual Terminal that you can download onto your site. The terminal is the button that customers can push that launches them into the Gateway that runs the transaction as quick as a blink of an eye. It searches through all the data with the bank, cross-references for a PIN number, and verifies that the person using the card is the correct owner. It then loads the money from the bank to the merchant account and you get paid. Before you can say, “Bobs your Uncle,” you have an income and the card owner has a product. That’s an even trade.

Cash advance

Another option given to you that banks took away is a cash advance on your daily receipts. Quickly stated, they purchase an amount of your daily credit/debit card income at a discounted rate. You pay them back with future purchases on cards at a percentage you can afford. Little to no information is exchanged and you didn’t even have to pull out your credit report. Hallelujah!  Human kindness with human feelings tied in. No embarrassment and no runaround.

Generally speaking, the banks are going to be the losers. As long as the merchant account servicers continue to hear the public and hand them solutions, our banking institutions might as well be robots.

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