How the Firearms Industry is Blowing Away the Competition

Jan 12, 2015

The firearm sales business is booming. According to a new Federal report, the gun industry is making and selling more guns than it has in the last quarter century. ATF’s Firearms Commerce in the United States report stated that gun manufacturing has increased by more than 31%. Not only is domestic production increased, but gun imports have also increased by 700,000 in the last two years. Now is the time is become a part of this thriving industry.

Industry experts can’t pin down the exact cause for the influx in demand. Most believe it is a combination of fear over possible federal restrictions of guns by the current administration, an increase in safety concerns due to recent violent crimes, or a renewed interest in hunting and gaming. Mike Bazinet of the National Shooting Sports Foundation, believes that some consumers may have been concerned about losing their access to certain firearms after the tragic shootings in Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn.

But consumers may not be the only reason for the boom in gun sales. The number of compliance inspections by the ATF have also dropped in recent years. In 2013 the ATF only performed about 10,250 inspections, the fewest in six years. The organization is facing fierce criticism from the Justice Department for this slippage in inspections.

ATF says they simply do not have enough officers to perform the amount of inspections necessary to keep up with the jump in gun ownership and gun-selling. But even when inspections are performed and ATF agents find serious violations, licensees are rarely revoked. And even when licensees are revoked, gun –selling operators simply have relatives take out new licenses, wiping away the violations.

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