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How Does Chargeback Shield Protection Work?

EMB has partnered with Verifi Inc, who has networks with banks and card issuers, and in turn is also partnered with CDRN. Together we provide the best Chargeback Protection in the industry today.

How does it work?

This network kicks into action as soon as the customer notifies the bank of a dispute, and the card issuer acknowledges that it involves a merchant with the CDRN.

Once the CDRN is involved they inform you, the merchant, immediately regarding the dispute. The merchant will receive the request and can then choose whether or not the dispute should be refunded or declined. This is the pivotal step allowing your business and your transactions to come back within the realm of your control.

Once the merchant has chosen to refund or decline, the CDRN will notify the card issuer of the merchant’s decision. This helps resolve the dispute in the timeliest fashion possible by simply bringing the merchant back into the loop and cutting out all the middlemen.

By partnering with Verifi, powered by CDRN, EMB is offering your business yet another service that outclasses the competition. Eliminate the expensive costs that chargebacks represent for your business and reduce your bottom line with our newest service. The CDRN reduces the frequency of chargebacks by 15-30%—a percentage that represents a significant amount of your business’ revenue. The Chargeback Suite will rip out the middlemen and reinsert you, the merchant, back into the loop regarding disputes and their resolution. The Chargeback Suite represents just another service that epitomizesEMB’s reputation as a top merchant processing service provider.