How Data Breaches Have Affected High Volume Businesses

Mar 18, 2015

Data breaches have hit all businesses hard, as well as processors. Many processors are changing the way they operate, as well as how much fraudulent activity they tolerate. While data breaches can happen with any business – even businesses with great security – they tend to happen more with businesses that have a high volume of transactions. This is why big-box stores are excellent targets for hackers. This is also why high volume merchant accounts are hard to find.

While high volume merchants need a merchant account, it can be difficult to find one. While it was a headache in the past, new fears ae making it even harder. The old standby was the “high risk” merchant account, which commonly dealt with high volume merchants, among others. However, since the mass hackings of 2013 and 2014, many of the “high risk” merchant account processors have turned away from high volume merchants. These high volume merchants already bring a higher risk of fraudulent activity and their accompanying chargebacks, and the risk of a mass hacking is too much to bear for some processors. However, this is tough on merchants. If you are a high volume merchant, and must have a merchant account to process checks and plastic card payments. While it may seem tough finding a high volume merchant account, there is a reliable option.

You need to turn to EMB, or, for your high volume merchant account. With EMB, you not only get the benefits and understanding of a “high risk” processor, but the option of a chargeback suite to help you combat dreaded chargeback fees. While optional, this is a great thing to possess for your business. While others typically charge high volume merchants higher processing fees, as well EMB do not. We charge industry-standard fees, and we do not drop accounts because they incur a fraudulent charge, or are hacked. With EMB, you also have access to new terminals, exceptional security, and software. When others have abandoned the lucrative businesses that are labeled high volume”, EMB has stood by proudly.


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