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How Alternative Payment Processors can Save the Adult Industry

The adult sector is a lucrative industry. With the invention of the internet, adult services generate billions of dollars in revenue every year. Still many adult oriented businesses have a difficult time obtaining adult merchant accounts through traditional payment processors. Porn performers and businesses are met with discrimination from online payment processors like PayPal, WePay, and Google Wallet. Many have their accounts either frozen or wiped out completely, sometimes without warning, because they are currently associated with the adult industry or have a history of porn performance. Still there are a few alternatives that this industry and its merchants can use to reap the benefits of online payment processing.
Adult content payment processor, Verotel, has now begun to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment. However, Bitcoins take an incredible amount of expertise and effort to obtain, and are projected to run out eventually. This means that Bitcoins may not be a sustainable alternative for adult merchants in the long term. Plus, porn performers can’t, yet at least, use Bitcoins to pay rent or car payments. So many are stuck with only accepting cash for most of their services.
Titcoin is a brand new form of digital currency poised to rival Bitcoin, designed exclusively to be used to enable adult processing, But Titcoin is still in the process of partnering with major players in the adult industry and does not yet have major distribution. However, there are other legitimate alternatives for adult merchants who are looking for a safe, legitimate payment processor that won’t penalize them for being a “high risk” business.
Experienced payment processors like, have helped adult merchants open accounts with no hassle and fair rates. As long as the merchant’s chargeback rate is less than 3%, the experienced high risk payment processors at will help expand your profits through premium adult processing services.