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Gun Merchant Accounts Are Becoming Harder to Find | EMB Can Help

Gun merchant accounts are in high demand, which means that merchant account providers should be lining up, right? Wrong! Gun merchants accounts are hard to find right now, thanks to rampant federal regulations and state regulations on gun sales. Whether in a store or online, gun and ammo sales are under scrutiny, but since they are still profitable you should look for a good merchant account for your gun and ammo shop.

The problem with gun merchant accounts, aside from regulations, is the “high risk” label that the merchant account processing industry has slapped on these businesses. So, when this happens what do merchants need to do? Well, the first thing is not to panic. Panicking leads to bad decisions, and one of the worst decisions you can make for your business is a bad merchant account. What typically happens with a high risk merchant account (that isn’t an actual high risk merchant account) is that once a chargeback hits, or you have a down season, they drop your account or hike up your fees. This simply isn’t right!

A true high risk merchant account provider, like EMB, knows that chargebacks and down seasons happen. They happen to almost every industry and every business. So, they do not panic. They help your business carry on in tough times, even offering up merchant cash advance options to help fund your business without the hassles of a bank loan. While gun and ammo sales are year ‘round, early fall is typically the busiest season, thanks to the start of hunting season in most areas of the United States. This busy season can help fuel your sales for the year – but you may end up needing funds later. This is where a cooperative merchant account provider who offers up a merchant cash advance program can help you.

When you are in need of a merchant account for your gun and ammo shop, look carefully at your options. The wrong choice can leave you in a bind if that processor panics and drops your account. It is better to do your research first, than being left out in the cold later.