Getting a Taste of the Carrier Billing Industry

Mar 13, 2015

‘Mobile payments’ is a term that is widely used for a plethora of different types of payments. Whether you are paying your phone bill or it is simply a peer-to-peer money transfer, everything tends to come under the umbrella of mobile payments. However, in recent times, one type of payment has distinguished itself from the rest of the lot – carrier billing.

Carrier billing refers to a form of mobile payment, whereby the cost of the purchase is charged directly to your mobile phone. If you are a postpaid customer, the cost is added to your bill. If you are using a prepaid connection, it is deducted from your minutes. Simple, isn’t it? Thus, the popularity of this means of mobile payment is on the rise, and this potential has attracted various suitors.

A closer look, although, depicts a picture that is not without its issues. Carrier billing tends to be a costly form of payment for merchants to accept and process. At the same time, the PSMS connections that carrier billing initially relied upon are increasingly becoming obsolete. These two stand out as some of the major issues to tackle when and if you are considering wetting your feet with the water of this industry.

However, these two are not likely to be the biggest pebble in your shoe. How come? There is a bigger problem at hand – getting a merchant processing account for your business. While the industry is certainly expected to reap significant benefits in the coming years for those getting in early, such merchants are likely to find it extremely difficult to convince banks to allow them merchant processing services. Why? One word – high risk.

So should you let go of such a lucrative opportunity just because you can’t convince the banks to allow you a merchant processing account? This industry is expected to touch the $13 billion mark by 2017, which is an enormous increase from its current $4 billion mark. So, the answer is a big, fat no. Instead, what you do is turn to us at eMerchantBroker.

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