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Get Your Merchant Deals Approved And Closed

Independent Sales Organization (ISO) agent programs can help you earn more money and have the opportunity to offer standard and wireless terminals. With this type of program, you can get upfront bonuses of $1000 per merchant. What should you do to enjoy all these benefits? You just need to become an ISO agent with

Becoming an ISO Agent

Today, you can find hundreds of credit card processing companies in the marketplace. All of them offer different Independent Sales Organization agent programs. However, very often, you can see ISO’s not paying residuals, not paying on time, or scamming their customers. What should you focus on so to make the right choice?

Smart credit card processing agents and ISO’s prefer to be a merchant services broker. If you’re interested, consider partnering up with a reputable payment processor like This partnership will allow you to take advantage of the best commission and residual offerings from all the leading providers in the industry. is voted the #1 high risk credit card processing company in the US. EMB is rated A+ by the BBB and A by Card Payment Options. offers the best merchant services agent program in the business. Turn to EMB to enjoy access to dozens of credit card processing companies all backed by EMB’s 100% guarantee.

EMB’s ISO agents enter into a strong relationship with EMB’s clients and provide the best for their merchant account needs. EMB’s agents engage in a number of essential merchant service functions. These include soliciting new customers, delivering excellent customer service, obtaining cardholders, finding or issuing functions, or organizing terminal purchases or leases.

The merchant services industry is becoming more and more competitive. How can agents increase revenue and make huge margins on credit card processing? For this, it’s important to look to high risk businesses and online offshore customers. Also, high risk merchants often apply for a traditional merchant account and get refused. You, as a sales agent, can charge a premium for helping the merchant get approved.

eMerchantBroker’s Program Offers:

  • Up to 80% true interchange residual sharing (low risk)
  • 50% revenue sharing on high risk accounts
  • Lucrative upfront bonuses of up to $1000 per merchant
  • Free standard and wireless terminals
  • Online CRM and online applications
  • No contracts or cancellation fee options

How to Become an Ideal ISO Agent?

Have you decided to become an ISO agent with Be sure this will be an opportunity for you to make lifelong business connections. Moreover, you’ll be able to generate your desired income. What steps should you take to become a top agent?

  • To make the most out of the program, learn as much about EMB’s products/services as possible.
  • Learn and grow with it the industry that goes on evolving.
  • Build business networks. By the way, EMB offers an environment full of networking opportunities.
  • Be careful when selecting clients. Not every contract is good to choose. Do some research to ensure you’re taking the right opportunities.
  • Bypass a contract that you feel isn’t the best fit for you. This way, you can avoid further misunderstandings and poor customer service..
  • Maintain consistent and positive communication with clients. This way, you can build trust, which will eventually result in more opportunities.
  • Provide timely reports/updates to clients. Address your customer’s concerns to make the relationships with them stronger.

Independent Sales Organization (ISO) agents need a wide range of tools, skills, and experience to become a successful consultant for merchants. With the right payment expert, you can have all this and more.