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Get Business Funding for Your Small Businesses

Small and medium sized businesses must be flexible when it comes to finding legitimate sources of funding. Even if entrepreneurs have solid business plans, they will have significant trouble finding a traditional lender to give them a loan to jumpstart their companies. Access to liquid assets can be lifesaving for many businesses. If your business is in need of a quick, simple cash advance, EMB is the online lending partner for you. They offer fantastic programs for small business owners, many of which have bad credit. Their services include:

ACH Business Funding

ACH funding doesn’t require merchant accounts. EMB agents will examine the monthly sales revenue of the merchant. Merchants get funding based on the gross deposits in your checking account over a 4 month period. This is an extremely popular business finance tool because interested parties are not required to create an account.

Cash Advance Program

Small businesses need cash advances for a variety of reasons. If merchants need to expand operations, hire new talent, or get more inventory to fulfill orders, a cash advance may be the right option for them. Stop saving, and start using your new funds to push your business forward. Small businesses need only to make $2500 per month in revenue to be approved for a merchant cash advance. The process is simple and hassle-free and merchants will be guided through each step by EMB experts.

The cash advance program is the most popular program, because most merchants who apply receive working capital in as little as 5-7 days. This program looks at your business’ total gross credit card processing revenue and will advance you based on a 3-6 month average processing revenue. is America’s leading high risk payment processor. Expert advisers are available 24 hours to assist clients anywhere, anytime. EMB is the online lender that can give you the funds needed to launch your business. We specialize in providing business funding for small businesses with bad credit or solid credit, and has the resources and experience to support entrepreneurs through the startup process.