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Four Lucrative Small Business Waiting Only for Your Business Funding

Finding the right market and the right niche is the trick to converting an idea or concept for a small business into a successful, thriving company. The key to being an entrepreneur is finding the concepts that are guaranteed to translate into profit when executed properly with appropriate business funding. Here are four small business ideas that are easy to execute and will quickly generate large profits for you as an owner.

Web Design and Marketing

It’s no secret that the commercial internet is exploding with growth. Businesses are turning to the internet at an increasing rate every month. What does every online business need? A website and effective marketing. Building a web development team and a marketing and advertising squad is relatively easy and requires minimal business funding. Plus, your team will excel in not only developing other companies’ online presences but also your own. You’re synergizing your own growth. There’s big money in small businesses that can drive traffic to the websites of large organizations.

Genealogy Research

Heard of the TV show “Who Do You Think You Are?” It’s a big hit and it also represents a major niche. Large, established, and rich families will pay a lot to track down their family records and collect them in one place. Building a team of adept researchers shouldn’t be hard as you won’t need a large team or an excess of workers. The work is interesting and the market isn’t as cutthroat as other industries. Plus you won’t need a ton of initial business funding to get started. Genealogy research has a lot of potential for an active, engaged entrepreneur.

Catering Specialist

Not everyone likes to bake but everyone likes cake. Companies are always looking to cater corporate gigs, private engagements, and parties, even weddings all represent the diverse and plentiful opportunities for a catering company. A talented chef will take you far. After that, all you need are some paid hands to do the menial cooking and serve food. It won’t take a lot of business funding to get started. Buying ingredients in bulk is cheap, and producing quality food is a service people will spend their entire catering budget on. There’s enormous profit potential in catering to any entrepreneur.

Corporate Video Production

This final small business idea is one of the most attractive out there. Your clients are big corporations and the creative talent you need comes from a single filmmaker—a group of professionals that are generally eager to find paying work. This is a field where there are many options for developing videos but far less quality than you might expect. Investing your business funding in quality equipment—cameras, editing software, audio—and finding a talented filmmaker and you will have big-time corporations coming to you and returning to you for their promotional videos. There’s almost no ceiling to the potential of your video production company if you can produce high-quality videos for corporations.