Foreign Scammers Target Florida with Collections Scam

Oct 16, 2014
SCAMFlorida residents have been targeted by a collections scam that has been traced back to Thailand through emails. While scams via email are not new, there are still those who fall for them. The tactics include threats of arrest and the use of a law firm called “Morgan & Associates.” In one e-mail sent to a Miami-Dade resident, a person identifying himself as “Joseph Foster” states that $750 is due to be paid to “Cash Advance Inc.”  While the emails contain legal jargon and case numbers, there are numerous misspellings that do not catch the attention of the email recipient. Sadly, many are falling for this scam, and they are being bilked out of hundreds of dollars, as well as stealing their personal information to obtain credit cards in their name, eventually messing up someone’s credit.

While this is terrible for those who are victims, it brings upon a business opportunity for those interested in being their own boss. Credit repair agencies are much needed, thanks in part to these scams. Credit repair agencies help guide clients along the way to improving their credit. It is quick and easy to start-up, however one of the key things you need for a successful business is not always easy to find. You will need a credit repair merchant account. This will allow you to accept plastic card payments. Seems easy enough, right? Wrong. Credit repair merchant accounts have a higher risk of fraudulent activity, and therefore are not ideal candidates for a mainstream merchant account. This does mean that all is lost. In fact, there are merchant account providers who specialize in businesses that are considered to be high risk, such as credit repair businesses.

EMB, or, is one of the top-rated high risk merchant account providers in the USA. Our team has years of experience dealing with credit repair merchant accounts, so we know the ups and downs that your business can face. We offer top-notch security systems to help you detect is a reported fraudulent charge is indeed fraudulent, and our terminals are updated to accept the new PIN and chip cards.

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