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Finding the best Merchant Processor for Agents

If you are interested in becoming a merchant services agent, look no further than With our easy application process, you can skip all of the red tapes and start up your agent career immediately. agents benefit from generous residual splits, as well as free equipment bonuses to help you jump-start your merchant account agent business. At, we are also one of the few companies that cater to “high-risk” merchants, which can help increase your popularity among new businesses.

As an agent, you have access to all the top credit card processing providers around the world. Top providers such as First Data, Global, TSYS, and over 25 banks and PSPs around the globe ensure that your clients will find the merchant account they need, and you will easily earn the commission you have earned as their operating sales agent. You can easily help your client compare the rates of the top service providers for free ensuring your customer’s satisfaction.’s standard compensation for “low risk” merchant accounts will include an upfront payment of up to $1000 per merchant account you sell as an agent. In addition to the upfront payment, you will receive a residual split of up to 80% while also availing of free terminals, including wireless. Finally, if your client changes their mind you can rest assured with’s policy of always paying cancellation fees as opposed to sticking them with you, the agent.

The “high-risk” merchant account business is as profitable as ever with booming online retail sales and the surge of the newly self-employed. As a new, you will be able to tap into this profitable market as high-risk businesses need merchant accounts they can depend on with the lowest rates. For a “high risk” merchant account, you can earn up to a 50% residual split and an upfront payment of $100 per account. Fast turnaround times ensure your “high risk” clients will be happy with your account and services as agents and at  We accept all business types, unlike other competitors. agents offer the best services for merchants because they receive the best services as agents. With all of the top credit card payment processing providers in one convenient location, you can be sure you are offering your clients the best services. Finally, as an agent, you will have access to free iPhone and Android card swipers.  This small benefit will bring merchants to you for new merchant accounts. Take some time to browse and familiarize yourself with our free and easy services for merchant accounts.

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