Finding the BEST Merchant Account for Adult Websites

Adult Website Merchant Accounts Explained

What’s the best solution for adult website merchant accounts? It’s a question adult site owners are often left pondering after they discover that many traditional services refuse to deal with them. Adult websites are often left with fewer options when it comes to services such as marketing and finance, and getting a merchant account is no exception – luckily, however, niche providers have sprung up specifically to serve the needs of adult merchants, providing convenient and effective adult credit card processing solutions. So how do you find the right adult website payment service, and what should you be looking for in assessing providers?

Why Are Adult Accounts Hard to Get?

For starters, what’s the big problem – why are so many banks reluctant to offer accounts to adult websites? The issue revolves largely around the risks inherent in hosting explicit content and the legal factors surrounding age restricted access to the site. In short, adult websites are deemed to be high risk in part because there’s a greater threat they will end up at the center of lawsuits as a result of their content or issues with access to their sites.

As a result, most banks will refuse you outright or offer you an account with extremely high fees that make it difficult to maintain good profit margins.

Important Factors to Check For

Now, although there are more and more adult merchant account providers springing up regularly, not all of them are trustworthy or provide a reliable service. Just because you can’t deal with traditional large providers does not mean you should be prepared to settle for sub-par services.

One thing you should take into account is your set-up fee. Don’t be lured in by accounts that make a fuss over having low or no set-up fees – they may turn out to have high per-transaction fees or a lot of hidden fees and penalties built into the fine print. Take a long term view of every account plan you assess and consider the effects transaction fee rates will have not only in the present, but as your business and sales volume grows over months and years.

Also, consider if the merchant account in question is suited to your particular adult site business model. For instance, do you rely on one-off payments or recurring monthly billing? This can make a big difference to which account you ultimately opt for.

How to Find Adult Merchant Account Providers

Even once you’re aware of the many adult account providers on the market, it can be a huge chore to wade through and separate the good from the bad and the ugly. Luckily, there are account brokerages who have already done the hard work for you, such as eMerchantBroker. We can put you in touch directly with the most suitable account providers for your needs, cutting out the difficult process of comparing dozens of providers and ensuring you get a good deal that will help your business continue to operate smoothly.

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