Jan 13, 2016

“The wider the choice, the better the opportunity to switch to the alternative from traditional cigarettes.” – Rob Burton

E-cigs are becoming a greatly popular alternative to traditional cigarettes. However, merchants trying to start a business in the field have to overcome hurdles associated with payment processing required for e-cig businesses. This is due to the unclear legality of the product, increased regulation and chargebacks related to e-cigarette businesses.

Credit Card Processing For E-Cig Businesses

E-cigarette credit card processing is labeled as high risk. This counts for higher rates and fewer opportunities for merchants. However, turning to true professionals in the field, merchants can find the right option for their high-risk business needs with ease.

EMB is among the best providers of e-cig merchant accounts. Considered as the #1 provider of high-risk merchant accounts in America, EMB can get you a reliable merchant account even if banks and institutions refuse to open an account for your e-cig business.

Based on the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act as of 2009, processors have started dealing with payment processing issues more carefully. The team at can help you start your e-cig business without major challenges.

No Difficulty Opening An E-Cig Merchant Account

With EMB, merchants can get an e-cig merchant account for their business needs and start leveraging the popularity of this growing market. Though the market is new, EMB is willing to embrace this new industry and keep your high-risk business away from obstacles.

E-cig stores, without regulation from the Food and Drug Administration, remain characterized as high risk by traditional banks. Anyway, this is not a problem for EMB and as we’re the number one choice for those running an e-cigarette business.

EMB has a team of highly skilled professionals who can easily find the best payment processing option for your specific business needs. Get an e-cig merchant account that is convenient, low-cost and efficient for your high-risk business.

Thanks to our experience dealing with high-risk businesses and issues in the field, EMB can help you get your merchant account in as little as 48 hours. No Visa or MasterCard is required.  With EMB, high-risk merchants can enjoy the newest iCheck check processing technology to make their payment processing fast and easy.

Let us help you get a high risk merchant account today!

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