Essential Technology for Your Adult Web Stream Business | Adult Web Stream Merchant account

May 29, 2015

The adult industry is quickly changing. Now some of the most profitable avenues for adult merchants are web stream businesses. Massive profits can come from well-run web cam companies. However, these ventures can be expensive and require some research and planning before proper execution. The following are the essentials to get your web stream business up and running.

Make Your Website. Hire a web designer or create a web page to get the business started. Be sure to download the required media software with live encoder. Ensure your web hosting plan has enough storage space to host all your videos.

Set Up a payment System. Decide how your customers will pay for your services. Will you create a membership plan, or will you charge per video? Many adult cam sites report that some merchant service providers will not process payments from adult content websites. Last year, there were multiple stories from adult entertainers about having their accounts frozen or dumped due to content. So choose carefully.

Make Room for Ads. Make sure to include ads and spots for sponsoring companies that can supplement your income. Allow companies to buy banner space, but monitor ad spaces so that your business provides more content than ads. Create your own promotions as well to generate traffic to your website. Funny videos and clips from previous episodes, or previews can serve as effective free ads for your website.

Know the Rules. Learn the regulations for your particular region. The United States has no rules about distribution of adult content, but still place a warning on the Home page to prevent minors from accessing content.

Despite the growth of the adult streaming industry, many merchants have a difficult time creating and maintaining adult web stream merchant accounts. Adult merchants and their customers deserve to be able to pay using debit and credit cards, and to receive payment without complications from payment processors. is an experienced payment processor who won’t suspend or freeze adult merchant accounts.

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