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eMerchantBrokers Collection Agency Merchant Account Services

Collection agencies are big business, and it can seem like a good idea to use this opportunity to better your life. While it is a lucrative business, you also need to be aware that it can be tricky to get a merchant account from a bank or traditional merchant account provider. Fear not, though, as EMB is here to help you., is one of the United States top high risk merchant account provider. Collection agencies are usually tagged with the “high risk” label, because they are at a higher risk of fraudulent activity. This activity can occur from payments via a stolen credit card. These fraudulent charges can cost your business big money, thus many banks and traditional will turn them away. This will not happen with EMB. We at EMB have years of experience dealing with high risk companies, collection agencies included. We know the ins and outs and risks these companies bring, and we are prepared to take them on. We believe that all businesses deserve the bets security, software, and terminals, and we supply them to our merchants, regardless of their type of business.

Debt collection agencies are all about getting their clients’ payments so not having credit processing capability can stop your agency before it even gets started. Apply today for a new merchant account from eMerchantBroker. Our team is experienced at finding merchant accounts that are friendly to debt collection agencies. We do not require extensive credit history, and we can get your account set up in as little as 48 hours. This timeframe is unheard of in the industry! We at EMB also believe that everyone should be able to access a merchant account, so we do not require a Visa or Mastercard when you apply.

The application is free! What are you waiting for?