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eMerchantBroker Becomes a Member of the Merchant Acquirers’ Committee

eMerchantBroker was recently accepted as a member of the Merchant Acquirers’ Committee (MAC). The MAC is a group of risk and underwriting professionals from around the world. This group gathers together the leading risk management specialists from across the globe and provides them with educational resources and networking abilities.

As a proud member of MAC, eMerchantBroker will be better able to manage fraud and mitigate losses. These benefits will eventually be passed along to our customers. Interaction with similar businesses will allow eMerchantBroker to discuss current fraud trends and best practices for the industry. MAC also holds several events every year to provide members with networking and learning opportunities. Of course, what we learn will be passed on to our clients so they can take advantage our exclusive membership as well. We anticipate learning and implementing new policies, programs, and practices as a result of our MAC membership.

We are excited to be a member of MAC, and we anticipate that this membership will be a great resource for us and our clients. We hope you are as excited as we are!