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eMerchantBroker at Affiliate Summit 2014 and more!

The new year brings new opportunities and eMerchantBroker is ready to take advantage. We recently attended Affiliate Summit 2014 at The Paris hotel in Las Vegas with a record breaking 5000+ people in attendance! Affiliate Summit is the premiere marketing conference and as a leading online provider of merchant services, eMerchantBroker was thrilled to attend and be part of this event.  We networked and met vendors from all realms of the marketing and internet world.  We even had the opportunity to meet the world famous entrepreneur wrestling legend Hulk Hogan of Hostamania!

Affiliate Summit has two US events a year: January 12-14 in Las Vegas and August 10-12 in New York City. These conferences provide exclusive opportunities for marketing organizations and merchants to network. Since 2003 Affiliate Summits have been facilitating marketing and the commercial sector through mutually beneficial opportunity.

As a top marketer and provider of high risk merchant services on the internet, eMerchantBroker looks forward to the networking and business opportunities presented by such a conference. This exclusive conference is available only to the premiere marketing companies so our clients can rest assured we are seeking out the best opportunities for them as we make new connections with different organizations.

Many online services and companies are boom or bust, their success depends on variables outside of their control. Finding a merchant services provider on the internet can feel like searching for a specific needle in a haystack of needles. Conferences such as Affiliate Summit 2014 set eMerchantBroker ahead of the rest as networking opportunities do not frequent the temporary; only the top marketing and progressive businesses are afforded networking opportunities such as Affiliate Summit.

We are happy to provide the premiums associated with a well-networked merchant service provider, and those associated with the top conferences in the industry.

Another great event for us was attending xbiz360 in Los Angeles last week.  We were amongst business leaders from around the globe, covering all corners of the multi-billion dollar adult industry. Xbiz360 is dedicated to decoding emerging frontiers, igniting commerce and spotlighting success on the center stage.

Also in the calendar for eMerchantBroker this week is NEAA in Vermont. The NorthEast Acquirers Association serves as an Educational Forum for Financial Institutions and ISO’s / MSP’s / MLS’s in the acquiring industry.  “We are focused on providing educational and networking opportunities for our partners in the electronic payment industry.”  There too, we look forward to networking with our industry colleagues.

Opportunities are there for those who go out and conquer them.  We strive to succeed towards the better good for our clients.