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EMB has Partnered with Chargebacks911 | Merchant Chargeback Protection

If you’ve handled chargebacks in the past, you will agree that it can be a very frustrating experience. It starts with a disgruntled customer who may then choose to report you to a card provider. Before you know it, you could be refunding the customer even if the services or goods in question were indeed delivered. But that’s not the main issue. In online business, a fraudulent transaction can occur any time and when that happens, as a reliable merchant you need to take responsibility for your action and inactions.

The problem is in the way you handle the chargeback. Merchants typically pay heavy prices for these reverse transactions which cost them a lost sale, a lost product, and even a fine imposed by the credit card company. To add salt to injury, courts have equated chargebacks to merchant fraud, using merchants’ chargeback rates against them in lawsuits with little regard for the reasons of the reverse transaction.

Initially considered a consumer injury, chargeback rates cannot be used as an indicator of a merchant’s wrongdoing. Sometimes chargebacks may not mean that a consumer was fraudulently charged. Maybe the chargeback was triggered by the card issuer after discovering an authorization or processing error such as an expired card or an invalid account number. Surely, you can’t blame these mistakes on the merchant. Yet, when chargeback cases go to court, the merchant is always automatically assumed to be on the wrong.

This is why EMB, your reliable electronic merchant services provider has partnered with Chargebacks911 to allow merchants to handle chargebacks more effective way. Chargebacks 911 was founded by merchants, for merchants. The team at chargebacks911 has a clear understanding of what it takes to succeed in business and the challenges frequently faced by merchants on a regular basis. They specialize in helping online businesses manage chargebacks by preventing loss while minimizing risk and allowing you to recover revenue.

The fact that EMB and Chargebacks911 are now working together means that EMB’c customers can enjoy several benefits including;

  1. Dynamic loss prevention
  2. Guaranteed Return on Investment (ROI)
  3. Affiliate fraud detection
  4. Friendly fraud prevention
  5. Fully customized disputes, and
  6. Quick chargeback resolution and response.

This is the best merchant chargeback protection you can find. It allows you to conduct business confidently knowing that in case of a chargeback, you are always covered!