EMB Continues to Offer Payment Solutions for HCG Merchants

Mar 10, 2015

Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, commonly known as HCG, is a trendy weight loss supplement that merchants in the healthy living sector have been stocking for over a year. But, it’s been a nervous year. The Food and Drug Administration had yet to regulate or offer any definitive feedback on the supplement and the HCG diet plan. Merchants were forced to sweat it out stuck in regulatory limbo. Until now.

A recent crackdown by the FDA has seen many merchant accounts in the HCG weight loss supplement business frozen or outright shut down. Now, more than any other point in the past, merchants face a struggle to simply accept non-cash payments for the HCG injections.

Unlike banks and traditional financial institutions, EMB has chosen to stand strong with HCG merchants. eMerchantBroker.com offers e-check solutions for merchants hung out to dry by the FDA’s crackdown. E-checks remove banks from the payment equation allowing merchants to directly accept payment via electronic deposit. This cuts out the paperwork, bank fees, and keeps the transaction domestic as EMB is based in Los Angeles so merchants don’t have to pay international fees.

Even before the FDA’s crackdown, it was tough to find an HCG merchant account at a competitive rate that wouldn’t cripple a business. HCG itself is a hormone that is produced at elevated levels during pregnancy. The HCG levels of a pregnant woman led to weight loss experts to experiment with the hormone as a weight loss supplement. Today, a few HCG drops are linked to shedding unwanted weight. These HCG injections have become big business, but now irrevocably labelled as “high risk.”

EMB’s stance to support HCG merchants is more than just a promise. EMB will help merchants change processors while maintaining a competitive rate. The process can begin in as little as 24 hours forgoing a lengthy procedure during which your business can’t accept electronic payment. By enabling a fast and smooth transition, EMB is allowing this potentially game-breaking decision by the FDA to be a mere bump in the road for HCG merchants.

As some HCG merchants are reeling from the FDA’s new posture, the savvy ones will be adapting and proving the flexibility of their business plan by switching to e-checks at EMB. The challenges of owning and operating your own business will test any entrepreneur, but with companies such as EMB ready to stand by the high risk industry, businesses can adapt and thrive in a changing market.

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