E-Cigarettes Taking Over the Market

Mar 28, 2014

The tides are changing when it comes to tobacco growth and sales. There is an alternative to tobacco that alternative is an electronic cigarette. This changing tide is making its mark on the tobacco economy.

E-cigarettes are very different from traditional cigarettes. E-cigarettes use nicotine instead of tobacco. The e-cigarette is designed to heat up the liquid that contains the nicotine. Nicotine is the juice extracted from tobacco. Many believe that it takes less tobacco to make the extract to have the equivalent of traditional cigarettes.

Tobacco has been the basis of many communities around the world. However, now that electronic cigarette is becoming so popular this can put many tobacco farmers in fear. For others, it is offering a new business opportunity.

What Will Change

As the world reduces tobacco and focuses on electronic cigarettes the tobacco companies will need to find some way of keeping their profits up. Those that depended on the growth of tobacco to sustain themselves are beginning to buy or make their own company that centers around the electronic cigarette.

This market shift to e-cigarettes is going to affect anyone who believes that they are going to only be a fad. Those that realize that this is the new trend is going to stick around are able to put themselves into the middle of the market. As the population changes, to the e-cigarette, the mindset of the big tobacco businesses needs to change. As time progresses they will lose more and more of their annual sales to the vapors of electronic cigarettes.

The Nicotine

It is important to remember that the market is moving from tobacco and on to nicotine. E-cigarettes come in many different nicotine strengths. These strengths are based on the desired effect for the smoker. As was the case with the number of traditional cigarettes smoked per day.

Unique Facts to Remember

Many things are different between the traditional cigarette and an electronic one. Some of these differences will help the world decide which market to keep and which to abandon.

  • Electronic cigarettes do not need matches or a lighter. They are designed to look like a traditional cigarettes however; they use batteries to power the vaporizer chamber. These cigarettes are designed to have no smell and not burn anything while still looking like a regular cigarette.
  • It has been noted that the e-cigarette is a safe alternative to tobacco. However, there are very few limitations to those who sell or buy e-cigarettes. This means that children are able to obtain cigarettes. The regulations will come along as this alternative begins to flood the market. It is noted that within the next 10 years, the tables will be flipped. Electronic cigarettes will be sold more than traditional cigarettes.

As time advances and technology increases, the traditional cigarette is being weaned from the shelves. This will be beneficial to those who work with the tobacco market.


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