E-Cig Usage Grows in Teens

May 22, 2015

According to a recent New York Times article, upwards of 15% of high school aged boys and girls use e-cigarettes, or e-cigs. While the verdict is still out on their safety, many are touting these electronic devices as a way to keep kids away from tobacco and cigars. While not everyone will switch to an e-cig, many are, and many more are starting with an e-cig. High school health classes teach the dangers of smoking cigarettes and cigars, so e-cigs seem like a good way for those who want to smoke to safely partake in the event.

While the Feds have wanted to heavily regulate e-cigs in terms of under-18 sales, the process has stalled. Because of this, more and more teens are getting hooked on e-cigs. One of the more popular offering in regards to e-cigs versus traditional tobacco is the range of flavorings. From candy flavors to fruity menthols to regular tobacco, the selection is endless, and it keeps everyone coming back for more. There is also the added benefit of using the device without adding nicotine, as most e-cig flavorings have a “non-nicotine” option. As these devices are becoming more and more popular, many are worried, as they are becoming a common sight in schools and buses, since there are no current regulations on their public usage.

This is also great for e-cig merchants. Teens are spending more than ever, and if you know how to correctly market your e-cig offerings, you are sure to have a new customer base. You also need to make sure that your e-cig merchant account provider is aware of the newest e-cig usage surge. To accept plastic card payments, you must have an e-cig merchant account, such as the one offered up by EMB. Without it, you are unable to process credit and debit card payments, which is what most of us use to purchase our goods. By marketing to this new crowd, you are not urging them to purchase something that they do not need, or would not normally buy. You are educating them, as well as showing them different items in something that they were more than likely interested in anyway.

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