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Don’t Invite More Trouble To Your High Risk Credit Card Processing

If you have an eCommerce site that sells what the card associations consider a high risk product, you are left with high risk credit card processing. The reason you have been labeled this is that so many of your customers report a high rate of chargebacks to their credit card issuers. You may very well have a legitimate product and others in your industry have muddied the waters with irresponsible selling habits. Now you are paying for their mistakes.

You ‘keep your nose clean and keep your chargebacks under the 3% threshold. No matter how well you run your company, you cannot outrun your high risk designation.

More young people are choosing to pay for their purchases – whether in person or online – with their mobile devices. The more mature purchasers are opting to stick with what they know. With the acceptance of mobile payments has come to a basket full of additional problems that may be blamed on the merchant, although the merchant has had nothing to do with the issue.

Several separate companies are entering the mobile payment arena and experts are warning that these new platforms are creating easier and better ways for personal information to be hacked. Crooks are now phishing for customers’ email addresses rather than simply trying to get account information. If a crook has an email address he can get pin numbers and access to an array of accounts and not just one credit card. Oftentimes all it takes is opening an email that looks like it has been set by a legitimate concern like the IRS or a bank.

One of the surest ways to know that someone is phishing is when an individual receives an email from a bank with which he has never had an account. If he opens the email, the sender then knows it is a valid email address and can take action. If the email is deleted and never opened, the scammer does not even know that it is a registered email address and no further action is taken.

Security experts say, “Now putting payment on the phone, that’s even more valuable, that makes you a bigger target.”  Some of the new mobile payment platforms are requiring fingerprint recognition before honoring a request for purchase. Others are using tokenization. Does a person with high risk credit card processing have to keep up with the dozens of new security threats to his customers? If he has the right high risk credit card processor the answer is no.

Your high risk processor has a world-class customer service team that keeps you abreast of any changes that may affect your account. They will send you notifications and communications that are germane to you. It could be that you do not accept mobile payments and the new threats do not apply to you. However, if your processor does accept mobile payments you can be sure that they have the tightest CPI-compliant safeguards in place.

If you are concerned about your current processor or if you are a start-up that wants high risk credit card processing, always do business with an expert in the industry. You want no application or set up fees.  You want options on CPI compliance gateways. You want your settlement in your checking account as soon as the next business day. You want to be the captain of your own ship.

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