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Dental First Financing: Financing for Your Dental Office

Are you a new dentist trying to establish a dental practice, or an experienced professional looking to react to changes, meet customers’ needs, and boost your growth potential? Regardless of the reason, you might be interested in Dental First Financing, mightn’t you? This article will tell you about some basic financing options and prepare you for getting them easily.

Financing for Dentists: Dental First Financing & More

Dentists who lack access to the necessary working capital risk losing their business or ending up with financing troubles. So, here’re some basic financing options you can consider for your dental office:

  • Dental Practice Loans

These are great for those in need of working capital or a commercial facility. Dentists with at least 1 year of experience, a good credit score, and ability to produce some dentistry, you’re likely to have no difficulty obtaining a loan.

Remember that reaching out to lenders when you’ve already built your business plan and have well-thought final projections will ensure added productivity.

Leasing the right office space is another important issue to take into account. Be aware that if the timing of the financing review and approvals isn’t synchronized with the real estate, leasing dentists can miss the chance of getting good leases because of lender approval or funding delays.

Generally, banks consider dentists low risk. As a number of bankers note, dentistry is profitable and dentists almost never fail to pay back their loans. However, you should never forget that each lender has a different reputation, requirements, terms, and fees. So, all these factors play a significant role in providing you with a smooth ride to the finish line.

  • Business Funding

Business funding doesn’t require collateral, unlike a loan. Besides, the interest rates are in harmony with industry standards. Moreover, funding providers and loan providers have different requirements concerning repayment. Business funding charges a small percentage of the credit card sales of your business each day.

With a loan, no matter your business is a success or not, you’ll be charged high interest rates, sign over collateral, and pay back the amount on a monthly basis. Even if your business closes, you’ll still be repaying the loan.

Being unable to get a loan doesn’t mean the end of the world. Why not apply for business funding from a reputable alternative online lender and processor like EMB is considered the #1 high risk processor in the US and has an A+ rating with the BBB.

Whether or not you have excellent credit, or what type of business you’re running, can help you grow by offering the lowest rates, exceptional business funding solutions, easy application, and fast approval for funds. EMB does its best to help you avoid being vulnerable to bankruptcies and foreclosures.

So, if you’re interested in DentalFirst Financing, just turn to to find out the right business funding option for your specific business needs.

  • Merchant Cash Advance (MCA)

An MCA, which isn’t a loan, is an ideal solution for those looking to obtain quick financing. E.g., EMB’s most popular cash advance program is merchant cash advance. Taking into account your business’ total gross credit card processing revenue, EMB will finance you based on a 3-6 month average. You can get your funds during 5-7 days.

What to Expect from Lenders

Lenders will ask you different questions concerning:

  • The amount you need
  • What you’ll spend the money on
  • What proportion of the money you require would be provided by the requested loan
  • How you’re going to implement your practice
  • Your business plan and financial projections
  • Whether you’ll have sufficient cash flow after paying for operations to make principal and interest payments
  • Your qualifications and experience

And more.

Beyond that, lenders would want to figure out several things for themselves concerning:

  • The cash flow generated by your business so to be sure you won’t have problems with repayment.

By the way, a survey among a dozen different bankers shows that 60% of them make the decision to approve you for a loan based on the practice, and 40% make the decision based on the borrower personally.

  • A “secondary source of repayment.” Collateral is a source like this. Additionally, they’ll be interested in personal guarantees, backed by pledges of personal assets.

And more.

Dentists owning their own practice can access to the majority of small business financing options. In fact, no matter you’re low or high risk dentist, true payment experts can get you approved for financing without challenges.