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Debt Collection Software: Collections Max understands the difficulties involved with running a debt collection agency. It’s a high-risk business that comes with numerous challenges to overcome. Aside from operational concerns such as merchant accounts, finding appropriate software to run your business through can be a headache for any entrepreneur. Debt collection software is pricey if you want performance and if you try to run it on the cheap you cripple your business and leave yourself vulnerable to being nickel-and-dimed. Fortunately, there’s software on the market available that provides both performance and value: Collections MAX.

Collections MAX is debt collection software that runs on a Windows operating system. You can install it for your business either on a single computer or on a dedicated server network giving you the flexibility you need for Collections MAX software. The software emphasizes performance and features such as integration with shopping carts to facilitate the smooth operation of your business.

Collections MAX integrates seamlessly with USAePay as a payment gateway. This enables the software to be competitive with the best of the debt collection software available on the market but at a fraction of the price. Its integrated structure includes shopping carts ensuring it’s easy to use online.

Most expensive debt collection software products will work for you to make extra money here and there at the expense of your business. Collections MAX maintains its value even after the initial purchase with persistent updates every four months and features that don’t cost you extra to use. Additionally, the extra fees that so often come with debt collection software are skipped so you don’t have to pay user fees, database licensing fees, support fees, maintenance fees, and data import fees when you upgrade Collections MAX’s software.

Debt collection can be a lucrative business opportunity but it is already expensive enough to set up and get your business running. Finding debt collection software is as pivotal as setting up a merchant account for a collection agency. Collections MAX gives you the bang for your buck and continues to pay you back by not having fees that tax you on a regular basis.

If you’re looking for debt collection software, highly recommends Collections MAX.