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Couple Charged With Fraud & Money Laundering in $7 Million Ponzi Scheme

Have you heard about a California couple arrested early in August? The couple was arrested on charges of operating a $7 million advance fee Ponzi scheme. Do you want to reveal more about fraud and money laundering? Do you want to know more about this and other similar cases? Well, just keep on reading below.

Fraud and Money Laundering

Wire fraud is a type of crime in which criminals defraud or get access to others’ funds by falsely representing themselves or giving false promises. To do this, they use electronic communications or interstate communications facilities. This means they can call the victim, send him/her fax, an email, or text, as well as social media messaging, and not only.
As for money laundering, in this case, the illegally obtained funds are being sent into a bank or another legal financial institution. Money launderers obtain these funds from criminal activities and carefully channel them into legitimate organizations and businesses. This way, they disguise the true origin of these funds and avoid alerting the authorities.

In the U.S., mail fraud and wire fraud are considered federal crimes that have to do with mailing or electronically transferring something related to fraud. Staying away from fraud is of special importance to eCommerce merchants.

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Money Laundering and Wire Fraud Cases

Since April 2017, Torres, Weber, as well as others have owned and operated a number of shell companies. One of these companies has employed individuals residing in New Jersey and working while in New Jersey. It falsely claimed to offer lending services to customers, specifically to small business owners who were interested in high value loans.

Their scheme implied that customers would pay a fee (up to 5%) of a potential total loan amount before receiving their financing. Besides, the victims had received falsified or fraudulent documents from them, such as bank statements, with the purpose of showing that these companies were rich enough to finance those people.

Overall, $7 million was sent to bank accounts controlled by Torres, Weber, and others. Now, they’re charged with fraud conspiracy and money laundering.

Let’s look at another case. Recently, a former Newcastle resident has been charged with a similar case. The thing is that he’d defrauded dozens of investors, who were residents in Seattle and other areas of about $5.8 million. He falsely represented himself as a British billionaire.

This person is Keenan A. Gracey, 28, who pretended to offer stock that he didn’t have and had no right to sell. Now, he’s pleaded guilty to money laundering and wire fraud in U.S. District Court in Seattle.

As you see, money laundering and wire fraud cases are still a hot-button topic. The good news is that there’re secure and trustworthy merchant services providers that can offer you exceptional fraud prevention techniques to avoid falling into the fraudster’s trap.