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Compare ACH Check Processing Rates Online

How to find the best ACH check processing program? Compare Online

Are you looking for the lowest rate check processing? Do you need to accept checks online or over the phone, but need to compare the rates and fees of providers? has dozens of check processing companies in our network, all with an A+ rating and all backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Whether you need ACH processing, recurring payments, check guarantee, check 21, or credit card processing with check processing, can help you select the right account.

High Volume Specialists specializes in high volume online merchants. We can help with high volume credit card processing and high volume check processing. We can help you accept checks over the phone, or online through your website.

Set up recurring payments, take rent payments, charge one-time ACH debits from your customers account.

Eliminate Charge Back Liability
When you process a check online or over the phone through our ACH debit programs you virtually eliminate the risk of charge backs. You can process high volumes and high transaction amounts without risk of funds being held up by credit card processing companies. Accepting checks online is the best way for high risk businesses to grow.