Cleaning Service Merchant Account

Feb 13, 2018

The cleaning and maid service industry represents a variety of business types and deals with various credit card processing needs. Are you in need of advanced online booking and billing methods? Be aware it’s important to find an experienced payment processing company so to get a reliable and affordable cleaning service merchant account easily.

If you’re in the cleaning industry, read this article to get to know how you can obtain a merchant account for your business without difficulties.

Opening a Merchant Account for Cleaning Services

You might be looking for the best way to establish low-cost credit card acceptance for your professional cleaning service. Well, first of all, you should determine your specific needs and then search for a merchant account provider that offers those services at the lowest possible rates., the nation’s #1 high risk payment processor and a reputable business funding provider, offers useful services that are so much important for growing and maintaining your cleaning business. EMB is also known to provide low-commitment contracts with transparent pricing and quality customer service.

EMB boasts an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and an A rating with Card Payment Options. In Addition, EMB is named one of Inc. 500’s Fastest Growing Companies of 2016.

Thanks to, business owners can more easily find payment processing options that are the best fit for their needs. So, if you’re interested in a rich set of payment transaction benefits for your business or if you need to process a high volume of credit card transactions, EMB is the way to go. is familiar with your type of business and needs. EMB provides top merchant account, chargeback, check processing, business funding, and payment gateway solutions for merchants of any type and size.

Why to Choose focuses on providing only the best for merchants. EMB works with any type of business, no matter what the perceived risk is. With EMB, almost any business can get approved either for credit card processing or check processing. eMerchantBroker can get you approved even if you have terrible personal credit — in the 500 range, in some cases.

One of the key features offered by eMerchantBroker is its “chargeback shield.” Chargeback shield enables merchants to receive a notification if a customer wants to file a chargeback against them. As a result, merchants are given time to offer the customer a direct refund and prevent the chargeback.

The dedicated and experienced staff of consultants at can handle all of the technical setup themselves. As soon as your account is approved, you’ll receive a call from EMB. will do a test transaction right on the phone to ensure everything’s OK and help you integrate it with your website.

Working with the right payment expert is crucial to your success since even a single mistake can result in a lost customer. So, you should take the time to invest in the right payment processing tools so to increase customer experience. can provide you with all the necessary payment processing solutions that you need to manage your business. This refers to assisting you with setting up simple credit card processing, as well as improving, growing, or streamlining your business. With EMB, you can enjoy competitive pricing, fast application processing, as well as problem-solving and round-the-clock support.

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